Dark Heart

Chili Sauce


A sensuous chili sauce of organic Cayenne, New Mexico and Senise chili peppers roasted in oils of walnut, hazelnut, almond and pecan to create indulgent layers of taste. Unlike most chili sauces, we use no vinegar or preservatives. Our savory varieties are complex with a mix of nuts, garlic and tomato... our sweet flavors are romanced by cacao, dates, glazed nuts, cardamom and rose.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

@ Kensington Market in Oakland

Oooh, a storm has been brewing and the first Dark Heart babies will be born for Father's Day!

Four 1 ounce jars in a little gift baggie with four tantalizing flavors... none of them taste like a neck tie, socks, or even a lawn mower.

Don't you want Dad to feel special?

He doesn't have to change the diapers of The Abyss, Purgatoire des Amandes, Le Diable Cacao or Chilies Erotique.

We'll also have Purgatoire des Noix and Libre to overwhelm you... and if the Dark stars align, some spicy Dark Heart Bon Bons may magically appear.